Saturday, 11 December 2010

CoffeeCup only publishes to the root - correction no it doesn't

Corrected post

The reason why I could not upload my website to my target folder was because I was using File - Upload File to Server when I should have been using My Websites - Upload Selected Files or My Websites - Upload Entire Website Project which send them to the folder you have defined as the root in the My Websites - Website Project Settings.

Original post

I use the excellent free Zymic hosting for testing my web developments. I need to have many folders to keep the various projects separate.

I have discovered that CoffeeCup HTML Editor insists on publishing index.html to the root file of my service. I tried for over an hour to get it to publish to my target folder to no avail and on googling discovered that it only puts this file in the root.

So I now publish to my local disk, well I di this anyway, and then use my trusty Total Commander from Ghisler to do FTP work.

Another inelegant solution but at least Total Commander is very fast.

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