Tuesday, 14 December 2010

CoffeeCup CSS Menu Designer - Problem Resolved

I have just spent 3 hours trying to understand why the menus built with the Menu Designer would not stand alone but always had the next object, usually a h2 or similar text floating next to it. I followed the advise in the PDF Help Tutorial, ie wrapping the HTML Menu statements with div tag and creating and applying a class with

.center { margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto}

What was needed was the following. I changed margin-left to 8am otherwise the menu was to close to the left.

.center { margin-left: 8am; margin-right: auto; display:inline-block; }

I had tried display: block; as I knew this caused the line break I wanted but it made no difference. I am not familiar with inline-block so I will have to research this, but anyway my menus work as I want now.

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Monday, 13 December 2010

CoffeeCup Code Cleaner not working - resolved

The Tools - Code Cleaner stopped working. I gave up
and ran the Document - Validate HTML which
automatically ran the W3C Markup Validation Service. This had
several messages, one being about the use of lh list
header tag that I had tried when exploring the Insert -
command. I removed this as it is not part of HTML5
standards and now the Tools - Code Cleaner is working
fine again.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Images not seen online but work on local disk - a solution

Having decided to use my trusted Total Commander to FTP my site I was developing with CoffeCup, see previous item, I was surprised to see photos not displayed after I had published to web. They worked OK when I was accessing pages on my local hard drive.

Agh, then I recalled similar problems in the past that had taken ages to resolve. I have my FTP options set to. Invert any upper case character in a file name to lower case when uploading. A quick edit changing all references to photos to lower case and upload new version and all OK again.

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Saturday, 11 December 2010

CoffeeCup only publishes to the root - correction no it doesn't

Corrected post

The reason why I could not upload my website to my target folder was because I was using File - Upload File to Server when I should have been using My Websites - Upload Selected Files or My Websites - Upload Entire Website Project which send them to the folder you have defined as the root in the My Websites - Website Project Settings.

Original post

I use the excellent free Zymic hosting for testing my web developments. I need to have many folders to keep the various projects separate.

I have discovered that CoffeeCup HTML Editor insists on publishing index.html to the root file of my service. I tried for over an hour to get it to publish to my target folder to no avail and on googling discovered that it only puts this file in the root.

So I now publish to my local disk, well I di this anyway, and then use my trusty Total Commander from Ghisler to do FTP work.

Another inelegant solution but at least Total Commander is very fast.

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CoffeeCup multiple views

CoffeeCup HTML Editor does not appear to let you view more than one source page side by side. For example it would be nice to be able to see say HTML code, CSS Code and Page Output all in separate tiled windows.
You can have both files open at the same time but you have to flip from one to the other to see.

I sometimes use TopStyle Lite and open the CSS file in a separate MS Window which I the tile with CoffeeCup window, so seeing HTML and CSS source side by side, but this is an inelegant solution

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CoffeeCup in the Winter Nights

It's that time again when I decide to do some more web development exploration. This year I have set myself the task of comparing high level development using Serif WebPlus X4 to low development with CoffeeCup HTML Editor.

I am going to start simple and make sure I understand every stage. The development will be recorded by keeping older pages on the site as an audit trail.

I will dash notes and findings as they happen on this blog, which I am writing on iPad using BlogPress, and with the wonders of BlogPress these should also be posted on my Twitter.

Nothing fancy just honest toil, mistakes and how to avoid, annoyances and work around and the occasional 'well how about that'.

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