Saturday, 14 September 2013

Wordpress - a quick look

It is obvious that Wordpress is a very successful CMS (Content Managed System) and used by masses of people, therefore well past the time I should have a serious look at it.

It is very flexible, and has lots of features both free and small cost, developed around the world. However I am not convinced it is what I want. To develop quick sites I believe this can be done much easier with Weebly or Google Sites. To develop more sophisticated sites then I prefer to use native HTML5, CSS3, PHP and Jquery.

When developing more complicated sites I often find that you are trying all types of tricks to manipulate the CMS tool to do what you want, and you may just as well build it yourself. I also prefer to understand what my site does and not just understand the output.

So for the near future I will continue to use mainly HTML5 etc and Weebly.


After writing this post I spent another couple of weeks giving WordPress a go, but in the end I was spending so much time trying to get it to do what I wanted when I could achieve same result in just a few minutes with native CSS and HTML. 

So I have archived site.