Thursday, 24 January 2013

Using Weebly with multiple writers developers

I have used Weebly for several years to create web sites but always been the only developer. However now a small team of us are going to work together to create a site and we needed a method to share photos that we may use on this site.

I did this by creating a second Weebly site just to act as a photo library, with large, medium and small versions of the photos.  These photos can then be included in the main site by referencing their URL. This video shows how to do this with various browsers.

Although written specifically for the team the method can easily be adopted by other groups.

Nerd flash 

Did you notice seamless switch from Mac to Internet Explorer on XP and back again. I had all browsers set up one behind the other plus IE running in Virtual Box XP machine, QuickTime screencast recorded the XP guest machine just fine. 

Recorded on iMac 21.5", Mountain Lion.