Friday, 12 April 2013

Hybrid Web Development

Hybrid Web Development

I go in circles trying to decide whether to use WCMS (definition below) or native code (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). I prefer using native code but worry that large sites would become unmaintainable unless I use tools such as PHP so that common code can be held in single files, but this adds more complexity.
Content Manages Sites I have used include Weebly and Google Sites. Both quite easy and powerful but then I worry about being at the mercy of a third party who could change or cease to provide the service but I do like the ease of having a web presence without having to deal with or pay an ISP (Internet Services Provider).

Hybrid approach

I like to combine the two approaches, using the CMS to provide menu which is then easily maintainable and provide internet services, but the bulk of the page is built in native HTML and CSS which can then be transferred to another environment if necessary.

CSS & JavaScript

When using a CMS site it is important to consider how much control you have over CSS and whether JavaScript and hence Jquery is supported. If so then you have a lot more control and capability to write the pages as you want.

Web Content Management System (WCMS)

I have lifted this definition from Wikipedia.
A web content management system (WCMS)is a software system that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage website content with relative ease. A robust WCMS provides the foundation for collaboration, offering users the ability to manage documents and output for multiple author editing and participation. Most systems use a content repository or a database to store page content, metadata, and other information assets that might be needed by the system.

Back To Basics

I have decided to explore this approach in detail whilst developing Back To Basics web site using Weebly and record my progress on this blog.