Thursday, 22 September 2011

Create Weebly Web Page by copying Blogger HTML

This morning I blogged about upgrading my MacBook Pro memory using Google Blogger, (see here) which by the way has had a facelift recently.

As an experiment I selected the HTML tab in Blogger, copied the HTML and passed it into a new page in the Computing section of this site, and hey presto one quick and easy, if not brilliantly, web page which you can see by clicking here. designed

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Weebly Multi-column

I originally thought the multi-column feature in Weebly was very restricted until I realised that you can vary the size of the columns, and even more useful, you can embed multi column within previous multi-column. This short video illustrates this.

IPad Test

Test to see if I can write Add post from iPad using ordinary Safari. So far so good.

I see there is an option to Interpret Typed HTML so I have placed emphasis tags around this sentence.

In Preview the typed line breaks do not appear to function, all the lines are joined into one paragraph. To overcome this use HTML paragraph and / or break tags.

Image an links

Need to use URL option. Here is one of my Flickr photos.
I think I will still use my Blogger App when writing on iPad, as well as being easier you can also use it off line.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Web Dev Comparison Project - Kick Off

I  am developing three similar web pages  so that I can compare methods. They are built with

  1. Weebly.Com online web development tool , RodericT Photography.
  2. Google Sites, Photography Plus RT.
  3. Native HTML5, CSS3 (and maybe javascript), see RoderickT - Photography.

The developed web pages must work on iPad and iPhone, so Adobe Flash solutions will not be included. 
For option 3 I am hoping for a clean low overhead solution that I fully understand and control. 
I will document findings here, and also on my Weebly.Com account Blog Page to compare blogs. 
At the moment I am consolidating the above three web pages so that they all have similar pages.