Sunday, 24 January 2010


I am again investigating developing web pages using native HTML and CSS with a good editor, hopefully using free tools or at least very inexpensive tools.

I have written web sites this way several years ago, see as an example. I then explored several on-line development tools. Great for quick results but usually end up spending time fudging things to work the way you want to. I still use Google Sites extensively though, see an example of one here Maths RoderickT .

I then purchased  Serif Web Plus, upgraded it to release X2 but bulked at the price at upgrading to X4. A good product but I grew weary of it.

Connected with web design is my main interest in photography. I use FlickR both to show my better photos but also as a means of backing them up online. I have purchased the very reasonable Pro  account for , if I remember correctly, $24 a year. With all the photos stored here you can make extensive use of them from your own web pages with standard links. You can see some examples of this, again using Google Sites, here  Writing Web Pages.

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