Sunday, 24 January 2010

Free Web Host

Over the last couple of years most of my web development has been done using Google Site and/or Google Docs. Nothing wrong with these, in fact I would recommend them to any one.

Of course one great advantage of using these tools is you also get a lot of free web space provided to you by Mr. Google. This restrained me from looking for web hosts as one of my traits is a great reluctance to spend money.

So when I decided to look again at developing web pages, initially with Serif Web Plus and currently in native HTML, I researched and googled and ended up with using Zymic. Free hosting, 5000 MB of space and PHP (although I did not realise what this was at the time but see later post).

I have also registered web address RoderickT from 123-reg for £2.99 a year. Within 123-REG I have set this address to forward to my Zymic  and I am set and ready to go!

Note the above RoderickT site is just a development test vehicle at the moment

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