Tuesday, 1 February 2011



For several weeks now I have been trying out various ways of writing web pages using my iPad. There are some good tools

  • Gusto

  • WPD (Web Page Development)

  • Both these have FTP feature so I can use this to combine with work on my PC and Laptop.

    The one annoying thing was the cumbersome data entry of HTML tags. By chance while looking at Knowtilus browser I came across MarkdownNote. This is a small subset of HTML with unbuilt short cut for HTML, a markup for HTMarkupL called Markdown. You can create headings, text type, lists, images and links.

    This iPad implementation of Daring Fireball currently costs $3.99 and is smart, so that when you hold iPad in landscape orientation, you have a preview of output.

    Useful help, which you can display in-place of preview if you wish. Also very useful is that any HTML tag written in full is passed on to HTML unchanged. I did this toadd colour to final comment.

    It is iPad only but for iPhone and iPod Touch there is another Markdown App called NOCS currently $0.99. Not in the same league, but still useful for these devices. Note you must have files saved with HTML extension for NOCS to offer conversion to HTML format.

    Note another advantage of Markdown is that the output is well formatted even without converting to HTML.

    Both Apps support Dropbox so whatever device I use I can synch either with FTP or Dropbox.

    This blog was written using MarkdownNote.

    - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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