Sunday, 23 May 2010

Google Docs removed Open Link In New Page option - Work around Fix

I embed docs in my Google Sites web pages. Today I discovered that links I had thought opened in a new web page or tab no longer worked, they just opened in existing tab.

On trying to fix this I discovered the option to do this had been removed, as confirmed by a google search and many irate users.

Managed to overcome this by editing html, as explained below.

<a href="" id="ykp7" title="Kodak Retina Series">Kodak Retina Series</a>

By adding command  target="_blank" so that it becomes

<a href="" id="ykp7"  target="_blank" title="Kodak Retina Series">Kodak Retina Series</a>

fixed the problem.

I am just hoping that Google in its wisdom does not extract this html edit in the future.

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